Our Mission is to eliminate teen pregnancy by addressing its root causes, assuring high school graduation, and promoting adult self-sufficiency. We provide long-term, comprehensive, holistic services by creating a parallel family structure with neighborhood youth.

Be a part of the Solution!

By Geoff Elterich, Community Education Coordinator

On Sunday, September 28th, Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc. will be hosting its 16th Annual Pathways Walkathon.

I started working at Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc.’s Pathways/Senderos Center (yeah, it’s a mouthful) in the summer of 2008. I had volunteered at the Center the previous summer, the same summer I started my own publishing company. Coincidentally, my friend and college roommate Nick Jakubowski, who had recently started working at Pathways, wanted to start a writing project with the kids at his job. That summer, Pathways/Senderos and TH Circle Publishing released our first book: a collection of stories, anecdotes, and poems from the Pathways high school students titled, “Silenced Teen Voices Heard.” The next year, I was working full-time at Pathways, and we published another book, “Life + Love; Sex + Struggles.” These two books were funded by grants; unfortunately, we were unable to secure more grant funding for the project, but we were able to publish one last book in 2009: “Nobody But Us.” You can purchase all three books from the Pathways website:

All proceeds from the books go to Pathways/Senderos.

Although we have been unable to publish more books since then, we do amazing things at the Center on a daily basis. Pathways/Senderos is a comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention program. Our mission is to prevent teen pregnancy, obviously, but that’s a small part of what we do. We also aim to assure high school graduation and promote adult self-sufficiency. We help kids help themselves become successful adults. I am very proud of my job. I also truly enjoy my job. I see the benefit of what we do every day, and even more awesomely, the benefit of what we do on a long-term basis. The program is long-term, so our participants are in the program from 6th grade until they graduate high school. We get to watch them grow and mature and progress over a period of 7 years (longer really, because our graduates always come back to visit). It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something so beneficial. If there is any solution to the cycle of poverty and teen parenting, Pathways/Senderos is it.

And now is your chance to be a part of the solution. On September 28th at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain, we are holding our annual fundraising event, the Pathways Walkathon. Our students, staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters gather behind the band shell for a 2 mile walk around the loop in the park. There will be refreshments, including apples and apple cider from Rogers Orchards, as well as a raffle. Prizes range from Stop and Shop gift cards to a free rental car (of your choosing) for a weekend (of your choosing) from Hoffman Auto.

All the proceeds from this event benefit the 60 boys and girls (and their families) that we serve on a daily basis. Money is important, but what would be even greater is a mass showing of support for these young boys and girls who are trying to make something of themselves. A huge group of people at the event will let these kids know they are a part of a community that cares about them.

Many of my friends and family have already donated or attended the event in the past, and several have expressed that they will be there this year. I don’t know if they know how much it is appreciated, but I wanted to express my gratitude again. I am sincerely moved by your generosity.

Now I ask you all to consider attending this year’s Walkathon, even if you never met me or never heard of Pathways/Senderos. Registration is at 9:30am, and all we ask is a $20 donation. If you can’t make it, please consider a donation, which you can easily make on our website.

I am proud to say that the work I do is important. More than that, these kids are important to me. I took this job because it let me start at 10am, had good benefits, and one of my best friends was working there. I still love this job after 6 years, partly for those same reasons, but mainly because it has transformed me from someone who was going through life without much care or direction, to someone who cares deeply about the world and the people around me. There’s no way I can pay that back, but I can pay it forward by spreading the message of Pathways/Senderos.

I hope to see you on the 28th. Peace.

16th Annual Pathways Walkathon

September 28, 2014

Registration begins at 9:30am

Raffle will be held at 11:45am

Walnut Hill Park, New Britain, CT

A special event to benefit Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc.’s Pathways/Senderos Center.

Please consider becoming a sponsor; we will promote you and/or your business on our t-shirt, website and social media pages.

For more information, call: 860-229-2776

Or email

You are Invited to our 20th Anniversary Gala!

Please join us for the

Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc.’s

Pathways/Senderos Center

20th Anniversary Gala

Friday, March 28, 2014

6:30–10:00 p.m.

Mooreland Hill School

166 Lincoln Street, Kensington, CT

$50 per ticket

Evening will include:

Food provided by Salute Restaurant

Live music

Live/Silent auction

Beer and wine bar

Celebrate Over 20 Years of Successful Service to the Youth of New Britain

- 100% High School Graduation Rate

- 73% of Our Graduates Go on to Higher Education

The Pathways/Senderos Center

“Diplomas Before Diapers”

Please note:  Donors receive no goods or services for their contributions. You may wish to consult a financial tax advisor to determine the extent to which your gift is tax deductible. All expenses related to this appeal, including the GNBTPP newsletter, are covered by private donations. No taxpayer dollars are used on this campaign.           

Show your support! Be a sponsor!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Pathways/Senderos 20th Anniversary Gala

Friday March 28, 2014


Please consider one of the following Sponsorship Levels:  

Platinum ($5,000 or more):  Table and name on event program cover

Gold ($2,500-$4,999): 6 tickets and 1 full page in event program

Silver ($1,000-$2,499): 4 tickets and ½ page in event program

Bronze ($500-$999): 2 tickets and ¼ page in event program

Patron ($250-$499): Name listed in program

contact or call 860 229 2776

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving at Pathways/Senderos!

Before we take the next few days off, I just wanted to take a little time to say what I’m thankful for:

First off, I’m thankful for Pathways/Senderos. I am personally thankful because it has given me the best job I’ve ever had, by far (and I’ve had a lot of jobs). But I am mostly thankful for Pathways because I see the good the program does for the community and the children it serves. I’ve never been a part of, or even seen, a program quite like this, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of the Pathways/Senderos family.

I’m thankful for our new Directors, Heather and Nick. It is a joy coming to work for them and with them every day. When they took over, it was a seamless transition, and I honestly believe we are stronger than ever as a program.

I’m thankful for all the staff members: Alex, Eyda, and Corlene. Along with Nick and Heather, we all work together as a family and we know we can rely on each other for anything.

I’m thankful for all the volunteers, especially Kathleen, Jackie, Robin, Ralph, Marsha, and all of the UConn UST students. They give their time and effort to help our youngsters and add another positive element to our parallel family structure at the Center.

I’m thankful for the guidance and leadership of the Board of Directors.

I’m thankful for our new building and our wonderful new landlord Joe Barile. 

I’m thankful for YOU and all of our amazing supporters. If you have donated money, gifts, your time, or you have just sent us positive thoughts and vibes, we appreciate you. 

Mostly, I’m thankful for the kids. They make every day interesting and all of our hard work worthwhile. Their perseverance, positivity, and desire to succeed inspires me (and the rest of the staff/volunteers) on a daily basis.




Happy Thanksgiving form the Pathways/Senderos family!!!


We need your help for the holidays!

We are accepting any new, unwrapped gift items appropriate for preteens and teens.

Suggested items include:

mp3 players   sports equipment   watches   photo albums   cameras   socks  slippers  gift certificates umbrellas   games   sweatshirts   t-shirts   gloves   hats 

3-ring binders   loose leaf paper   calculators   arts and crafts supplies 

copier paper   #2 pencils   pens   staples   labels   white-out   glue sticks  post-its  hand sanitizers   dish detergent   kitchen sponges   paper towels 

shampoo   conditioner   deodorant   feminine products   soap

Tickets to sporting events, museums, movies

Wrapping paper   ribbons   adhesive tape

Canned fruits and vegetables   stuffing   potatoes   juice   rolls

Please bring any items to the Centerby December 9th

43 Viets Street

New Britain, CT 06053

860 229 2776

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15th Annual Pedaling for Pathways!

15th Annual Pedaling for Pathways



Form a Team

Walk, Ride….




September 29, 2013

Start Times:

Registration ~ 9:30am

2 Mile Walk or Ride ~ 10:00 am


Raffle will be held at 11:30


Walnut Hill Park, New Britain, CT

We start behind the band shell


A special event to benefit Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc., Pathways/Senderos Center

For more information, call: 860-229-2776

Or email


We love Edie Windsor and love that DOMA will soon be DONE. Reblog to celebrate!


We love Edie Windsor and love that DOMA will soon be DONE. Reblog to celebrate!